My name is Annmarie Leonard. I work as a Reference Specialist in an academic library. I just graduated with my MLS this summer. I love reference, instruction, creating subject guides, and working on the front lines. I love libraries, but I also have a dream to be a college level English instructor. For the time being, I spend my evenings assisting ENG 102 classes at community colleges.
I am interested in how libraries will adapt to an online culture, and digital ethnography in general.
I consider myself to very plugged in, and in touch with my students. I consider it a high priority to remain adaptable and up to speed with digital trends. At least that’s what I tell myself when I spend hours online loling at memes…. 
I’m liberal, a feminist, and love a good laugh, a stiff drink, and loud music. 

More about my professional life can be found here:  

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