About Us and Our Chicago Location

We are a library located in Chicago, IL, and we do far more than just host books! In addition to having books and computers for people to use, we are a great place for people in the tech and a small business world to meet up. If you want to discuss SEO strategies with some online marketing gurus, get help with your plans, and learn about the world of online marketing, give us a call or visit the library.

We host regular events for networking and regular talks too, and even if there isn’t something specific planned, we are always eager for people to use us as a meeting place.

As a library, we’re proud to be moving with the times. We know how important it is to ensure that people get the best access to knowledge – and sometimes that knowledge should be in the form of meeting people, rather than reading pages.

Chicago IL is a thriving business area, and we’ve got some incredible innovators here. We know that sometimes you’ll want to meet people, and sometimes you’ll want to get some work done. Where better to achieve these objectives than surrounded by like-minded people in a quiet place that happens to be a hub of knowledge.

LLLS is exactly that – we attract gurus from all over the surrounding area, and we are proud to bring people together. Take advantage of our networking events, or business clubs and our services (photocopiers, fax machines, etc.). Bring your laptop to work on, or use our computers if you wish. We have well-equipped machines with popular software installed, and a high-speed internet connection too. Whether you’re looking to do article marketing and link building, keyword research, or just get some tips from the experts, you’ve come to the right place.

We currently are in a process of moving to a new location and would like to thank everyone for all the optimization done on our website. Please make sure to contact us for the new address location and the new phone number, once the construction completes will update our new location, etc. here.