The electrician specializes in the electrical installation of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines and related equipment. Electricians can be employed to install new electrical components or maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructure. Electricians can also specialize in wiring ships, aircraft and other mobile platforms, as well as data lines and cables. What is a journeyman electrician?

If you want to become an electrician, it’s important to pay attention to three different stages and skill levels. Of course, there is a journeyman, an electrician with qualifications to work independently, and an electrician with qualifications and permits to know building codes. but before you go to any of these stages, you must first work as a student.

Vocational training stage

Whether you are taking a course or not, you will still have to cut your teeth as a student. The student usually works for four years in this position and must be under the direct supervision of the main electrician. You can apply for a position at the National Association of Contractors, in your local trade union or look for an independent main electrician.

At the beginning, tasks can be more demanding, such as settling matters, providing materials and simply getting to know business. 

 What is a journeyman electrician?

What is an electrician journeyman?

Apprentice electricians are electricians who are in the process of training and their goal is to become an electrician master. Electricians install and repair wiring and electrical installations in residences, factories and enterprises. They will check cabling, circuit breakers and transformers as part of their duties and must be familiar with building codes to ensure that all electrical work done on the project complies with the code. 

Electrician master

The master electrician is of course the one who calls the shots. A master electrician can not only work alone, but can submit job offers, obtain permits, arrange electrical systems and installations. Responsible for circuit routing and determining the types of breakers needed. A master electrician can own a business or work in another company.

An electrician master may have a limited or unlimited license. In a limited projection, the main electrician may only perform certain types of work. One example is that it can only perform tasks in heating and cooling systems.

The unlimited license allows the master electrician to perform all necessary electrical work as long as he is in his area. 

Electrician journeyman work description

Journeyman electricians perform all electrical tasks with little supervision. They often supervise the work of students.

Their experience allows them to:

  • Connect breakers, switches, transformers and sockets
  • Diagnose and solve problems in electrical circuits, systems and equipment
  • Wire size and channel holder
  • Check and test existing cabling systems
  • Install and solve wiring problems
  • Install the trays
  • Install lighting and security systems
  • Read the plans
  • Finish the cable
  • Troubleshooting engines and controls

The scope of their work also includes:

  • Checking tasks to ensure jobs are safe and clean
  • Keeping accurate records regarding materials and labor
  • Keeping an inventory of tools, equipment and materials
  • Selection of material and equipment for estimating time and materials



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